Google for Star Wars


Are you excited for the coming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens movie? Do you counting the days until the day you finally can watch it?

Please stop being anxious now because Google has something to soothe your heart.

Google has add some Star Wars related features for your amusement. You can try these 2 fun activities in Google:

1. Open then type in the search box:

a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

As most of Star Wars fans have known, this is the legendary opening statement in the first Star Wars movie (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope). Once you hit the “Enter” button, here is what you will find:


The result text will be shown in animation like the one that they always have in the beginning of all Star Wars movies. Cool, huh?!

2. Open and you will be asked to choose your side:


Once you choose your side, some of your Google products will have a new look. The one that I’ve seen was in my Gmail, the theme is automatically changed. There should be some changes too in Chrome, Maps, Translate, Youtube and even Waze. But I haven’t notice what is changed yet. Let me know if you found something, okay?!

That’s it. Three more weeks to come. Mark your calendar on 18 December 2015 folks! And may the force be with you!




*Update on 28 Nov 2015:

Found these 2 changes in my mobile app:

1. Google Map


The pointer is automatically changed into a Starfighter.

2. Waze

First you need to open your Inbox and allow the Star Wars experience to be applied in your Waze App. Then, this will happen:


Waze will change its candies into Star Wars items, like Lightsaber, Stormtrooper or  TIE Fighter. And the coolest thing is, your voice guide will be changed into C3P0 sounds too! Try it out, guys!


Spread love, not hatred…